CWH’s Perma-Hosting is as it says, permanent hosting.

We offer a lifetime of web hosting for individual static sites and html5 games for a one time flat rate.


This is a solution for individuals with projects, static sites, games, or apps that do not require a database.

This is a perfect solution for businesses/organizations with basic informative sites.

Long term, files hosted under Perma-Hosting should require little to no editing.

This is not a solution for apps using Node or that require ssh.

After 5 years hosting with Perma-Hosting you will save well over $275.

The average price for hosting a single site with the other guys is $4.99 a month. After 5 years that adds up close to $300.

One fee. One time. Forever.

Say good bye to monthly fees altogether.

Guaranteed Up-time.

99.9% up-time.

You will be notified in the CWH Dashboard about scheduled maintenance which is typically scheduled during slow hours.

For fun and for monitoring the clock HERE represents our primary servers uptime. As long as the clock is available our servers are online.